About HealthGear

In 2009, after seeing a need to make sleep apnea healthcare more affordable in Australia, I started my own CPAP Business. Well aware that most new businesses fail within the first 4 years, I understood the importance of low prices, but perhaps more importantly offering good old fashioned 'value for money' with outstanding customer support and empathy.

We have grown from strength to strength and accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience along this journey with over 10,000 customers choosing CPAP Sales for their sleep apnea healthcare.

In September 2018, to progress our vision of helping sleep apnea patients take more control of their health, we registered the CPAP Sales HealthGear Trademark;

CS HealthGear Logo

Working with strong expert companies in their respective fields, we are developing a range of HealthGear branded products including;

  • Wrist Style Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Arm Style Blood Pressure Monitor 
  • Smart Scales with smartphone digital diary

SleepZone Logo

On the 19th of November, 2019, after 7 months waiting, we finally received our long awaited trademark IP approval for SleepZone :)

During this time, we have been working hard, improving and fine tuning an already great product, and are now launching our exclusive range of innovative HealthGear branded, TGA approved, CPAP and Auto CPAP Machines.

  • C2 Fixed Pressure CPAP Machine
  • C5 Auto CPAP Machine

The HealthGear SleepZone CPAP and Auto-CPAP Machines combine innovative leading edge technology and stylish design, making them perfect for treating snoring and sleep apnea (OSA). Both Machines come complete with a removable integrated heated humidifier, hose swivel, comprehensive on-screen data panel and simple one button operation.


Get A Great Night’s Sleep

Boasting an impressively low sound level rating of around 27dB, the C2 & C5 Machines will keep you and your bed partner sleeping soundly all night long.


Ozone Clean and Fresh

Featuring an exclusive Australian first innovation, HealthGear Machines include unique self-cleaning ozone technology making maintenance a breeze.

C2 CPAP Machine

C5 Auto CPAP Machine


About the Manufacturer of HealthGear CPAP

The journey continues...