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Connecting a new CPAP Mask to an existing machine and hose

When connecting a new Mask for the first time to an existing Machine and hose setup, it is important to ensure that the old mask is completely disconnected and that no parts of the previous mask are retained within the hose.

This can occur when the old mask contained a quick release adapter or similar, occasionally, the small connection piece can be left behind within the hose which makes it impossible to connect the new mask to the hose.

The following instructions are designed to ensure the Mask and Hose connection is correct.

  1. Remove the old Mask from the hose ensuring there is nothing left within the Hose connection point and the mask that has been removed is complete in itself
  2. Prepare the new Mask including attaching the Headgear and any other additional accessories, including strap covers etc.
  3. Attach the CPAP Hose to the designated connection point on the mask
  4. Place the Mask on your face and secure the straps
  5. Connect the CPAP Hose to the machine and start the airflow and test the seal and connections

Hose Sizing

Standard CPAP Hoses are generally 1.8m/6ft long and have a 22mm diameter hose with a cuff at either end.

Slimline hoses are now available in small diameter sizes such as 12mm or 15mm, but to maintain interoperability across different brands of masks and machines, the ends of the hoses (cuffs) are generally still 22mm.

Heated Hoses

Some higher-end machines like the Fisher and Paykel SleepStyle Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Hose or the Hypnus S8 Auto come with a heated hose as part of the standard kit.

For entry-level CPAP Machines such as the BMC Luna iQ GS2, there is a generic heated hose kit available to purchase as an optional extra.

Why Do I need a Heated Hose

when cold room air meets warm breaths, condensation and moisture can accumulate in the hose. This is commonly referred to as CPAP Rainout. A heated hose will dry out the moisture and improve CPAP therapy comfort.

Last updated 27th May 2022