Pressure Problems


Transcend machine runs at high pressure and switches off

We have come across this a few times on Transcend Machines. The main reasons are;

  • The Hose Adaptor is not fitted to the body of the machine.
  • The pressure switch at the bottom of the hose port is blocked.
  • The machine is blowing air, but the hose is not connected
  • The machine is blowing air, but the mask is not connected or being used.


Auto machine runs at high pressure and wakes patient up in the night

This can happen when there is a mouth or mask leak and the auto machine increases the pressure to compensate for the leak, The increased pressure makes the leak worse and eventually the extra pressure wakes up the patient, sometimes with a dry mouth.

Usually pressing the Ramp button or switching the machine off and then restarting will solve the immediate problem, but it will re-occur again until the fundamental problem of mask or mouth leak is solved.


Patient pulls mask off during sleep or feels like they are not getting enough air

If the machine pressure is too low for the patient, this can happen. In this case, the problem can usually be resolved by starting the machine at a slightly higher pressure. Eg. starting at 6cmH20 instead of 4cmH20.


Last updated: 19th April 2017