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What services do you provide


What services to you provide?

* An organisational framework that demonstrates a commitment to supplying CPAP equipment as a significant activity.

* A choice of CPAP equipment sufficient to meet individual patient needs.

* A service which provides patients with adequate information and education to instil confidence in their treatment.

* A CPAP follow-up service which includes an appropriate number of follow-up contacts.

* The opportunity for patients to access our services on an as-needed basis.

* Premises that are appropriate for the services provided.

* Staff who are appropriately trained.

* An on-demand service that enables timely and efficient communication with sleep clinics and referring doctors about their patients.


Can I visit you to view and try before I buy?

Yes, absolutely.

Whilst we do specialise in on-line sales, we also offer appointments for customers to visit, view and try different models of machines and masks we have in stock.


Can you visit me at home so I can view and try before I buy?

Yes, absolutely.

We can visit you at home in the Sydney area to demonstrate and assist with the purchase in the comfort of your own home.

Conditions and charges of $150 per visit apply for this in-home service.


Last updated 4th July 2013