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Centrelink Assistance $140


Essential Medical Equipment Payment of $140 per year from Centrelink

Essential Medical Equipment Payment $140 from Centrelink

Did you know that during the 2012~2013 financial year, a new "Esssential Medical Equipment Payment" is available from Centrelink?

This is an $140 annual payment to people who experience additional increases in home energy costs from the use of essential medical equipment to manage their disability or medical condition.

This payment is $140 and is indexed annually on the 1st of July each year in line with the Consumer Price Index (inflation)

For more information on the Esssential Medical Equipment Payment, click here.



You will need to apply for the Essential Medical Equipment Payment on-line.

To apply you will need to log on to Centrelink Online Services.

If you are not registered for online services you will need to create an online account with and register for Centrelink Online Services before you can begin the online claim.


Sleep Disorders Australia (SDA)

I heard about this payment from the Sleep Disorders Australia (SDA) newsletter.

SDA is a voluntary group offering assistance and support to those persons and their families who are living with sleep disporders throughout Australia.

If you were able to claim this $140 annual payment, please seriously consider making a donation or becoming a member of  Sleep Disorders Australia (SDA)

To keep up to date with the latest CPAP news, become a member of SDA or make a charitable donation to SDA, please click here.


  • Last updated 18th October 2018