News - July ~ December 2014

1st December 2014

New BMC GII LunaTM CPAP and Auto Machines launched today

BMC G2 Brochure


24th November 2014

Busy day at the office

Sarah and Belinda proud of the 20 machines sent out today :)

Busy day at the office - 21st November 2014


1st November 2014

Hot this Month

This month, our most popular packages NOW INCLUDE a MASSIVE $650 bonus value

$650 Bonus Value including TWO free masks


Not sure whether a CPAP or AUTO machine would be best for you?

CPAP or Auto?

Approx 75% of our customers purchase an Auto machine.

The FAQ page CPAP or AUTO ? will explain more.


20th October 2014

$100 Masks - Offer expires October 31st 2014

During checkout, use the coupon code shown below to receive any BMC Mask for $100

$100 Masks until 31st October 2014

Terms and Conditions:

  • Limit 2 per customer.Price includes delivery.
  • Offer expires 31st October 2014 and applies to BMC Masks in stock only.
  • Use the coupon code at checkout to receive this offer.


28th September 2014

Sleep Awareness Week - Starts tomorrow

Sleep Awareness Week


29th July 2014

CPAP Sales Pty Ltd - SHF Approved CPAP Equipment Supplier

SHF - Approved Equipment Provider
The Sleep Health Foundation has launched its Code of Practice for Suppliers of CPAP Sleep Therapies.
The purpose of the Code of Practice is to encourage high standards and reward accredited suppliers through recognition and recommendation.
This code is endorsed by the Australasian Sleep Association (ASA), the national peak professional body of sleep clinicians and sleep scientists.
ASA endorsement guarantees a level of commitment by Physicians/Clinicians to refer patients to suppliers who have signed up to this code of practice.

18th July 2014

BMC BPAP Machines - added to the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods today


17th July 2014

How to adjust the BMC heated humidifier

There may be times when you need to adjust the humidifier heater setting of your BMC CPAP Machine.

Typically the BMC CPAP Machines have SIX heater settings;

0 = OFF = No humidification. 1 = Minimum humidification = less moisture 5 = Maximim humidification = more moisture

Changing the humidifier heater setting

To adjust the humidifer setting, first make sure the machine is plugged in with the display showing, but no air blowing.

1. Press and hold down the bottom right ''Ramp'' button for a few seconds until "HEATER" appears on the screen.
2. Press the “Ramp’’ button once quickly and you will see the cursor start to flash.
3. Now press the "+" or "-" button to increase or decrease to the desired heater setting. Maximum = 5, Lowest = 1, OFF = 0
4. Now press the “Ramp’’ button once quickly to stop the cursor flashing. 
5. Press the "-" button until you see the word "SAVE" appear on the screen.
6. Press the "Ramp" button once quickly to save the setting. The machine will beep and return to the main screeen.

The heated humidifier adds moisture to the air. It is not designed to heat the air.

In winter you may wish to reduce the amount of humidification (moisture) as cold room air meeting warm breath will create natural moisture |(condensation). Too much moisture will cause "çpap rainout" where moisture collects in the hose.

We recommend the machine is located lower than the bed, so that if any moisture does develop in the hose, it will drain downwards back to the water tank of the machine instead of downwards towards the body.