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News - July ~ December 2015

17th~23rd December 2015

Philips DreamStation tested

18/12/15 - I tried a new Philips/Respironics DreamStation Auto Machine. My AHI last night was 0.8.

23/12/15 - Tested again last night. My AHI was 0.9.

(The target is under 5, so this sounds good, but actually my normal AHI with a BMC Luna machine is 0.1)


Philips/Respironics DreamStation AHI = 0.8

Philips DreamStation AHI last night 0.8


Normally with my BMC Luna 3.5 Auto, my AHI is 0 or 0.1 as shown below for the last 10 days;

BMC Luna 3,5 Auto AHI = 0.1

BMC Luna AHI over last 10 days - 0.1


13th October 2015

2015 Customer Survey Highlights


Customers reported saving an average of $733.94 on a machine and $156.17 on a mask

CPAP Sales - Making Sleep Apnea Healthcare More Affordable


2nd Ocrober 2015

Existing Customer Feedback

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback, we really appreciated your reply.

Lat week we asked our existing customers to provide feedback about our products and services. We received well over 200 fantastic comments telling us that we are making CPAP equipment more affordable, and at the same time this has been a humbling reminder that our Customer Service is well respected and very highly rated.


1st October 2015


Buy One Get One Free - for a limited time only.

CPAP Masks - Buy One - Get One Free - for a limited time only

20th August 2015

Trial started today - Video Support calls using Skype.

We are always looking for ways to help our customers. A picture paints a thousand words. Image how we can help support you with a Skype video call !

By appointment only - If you need help or want to ask a question 'face to face' try our Skype support now!

Video Calls by appointment using Skype


4th July 2015

What does Sleep Apnea Sound Like?

1 minute video - Must watch!  - Added to our Facebook Page and our YouTube Channel.

What does Sleep Apnea Sound Like?