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8th November 2012

Essential Medical Equipment Payment of $140 per year from Centrelink

Did you know that during the 2012~2013 financial year, a new "Esssential Medical Equipment Payment" is available from Centrelink?

This is an $140 annual payment to people who experience additional increases in home energy costs from the use of essential medical equipment to manage their disability or medical condition.

I heard about this from Sleep Disorders Australia (SDA), a voluntary group offering assistance and support to those persons and their families who are living with sleep disporders throughout Australia.

If you were able to claim this $140 annual payment, please seriously consider making a donation or becoming a member of  Sleep Disorders Australia (SDA)


1st November 2012 
Thank you to all customers who completed our recent survey.

Here are some of the highlights;

  • 85% said they would be extremely likely to recommend us (the other 15% would be very likely to recommend us)
  • Over 94% would be very likely or or extremely likely to recommend BMC CPAP Machines to others.
  • No one was dissatisfied with their BMC CPAP Machine.

Quick Summary

If you are in the market for a CPAP machine, the chances are you won't be dissapointed with a BMC machine.

It is also very or extremely likely you will be happy enough to recommend us to others.

So for a CPAP machine that costs a fraction of the price of others, why not buy from us?


16th May 2012 
Choosing a CPAP machine can be a time consuming and difficult experience. To help make things easier, we are now offering a 30 day trial with a money back guarantee (less $200 restocking fee).


9th May 2012 
If you or your health care professional want to delve deeper and track your sleep therapy progress, then the amazing BMC i-Codes feature is the way to go.

There is no SD card needed and no complicated software to install. Better still, i-codes enables your data to be retrieved locally. Your sleep therapy graphs can then be generated remotely and emailed directly to you.

* Due to popular demand, this terrific i-code feature has now been added to the BMC range of CPAP Machines.


6th March 2012 
Children who snore, or who have other night-time breathing conditions, are at risk from behavioural problems, according to a study.


4th March 2012 
How to fit a CPAP Mask to prevent air leaks. Download the information sheet.


21st February 2012
Watch a 3 minute video that simply explains about Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).


29th January 2011
Every night, millions suffer from poor sleep. Find out why sleep matters.


1st January 2011 
Study shows that CPAP therapy reduces fatigue, increases energy in patients with sleep apnea.


23rd December 2010
The Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) assessment tool is used by sleep experts worldwide. Click on the date above to take the test to see your rating.


21st June 2010 
CPAP therapy restores brain tissue in adults with obstructive sleep apnoea.