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9 Hours Sleep - I'm really happy!

9 Hours Sleep - I'm really happy!

The unit arrived yesterday, thank you for such a quick delivery.

I set it up and did about 3 hours of testing using each mask.
I found all quite comfortable.

After getting used to the initial feeling of air being forced in (quite unusual), i found it funnily quite comforting..
The unit is very quiet!

I put it on, using the nasal pillow, rolled over, and woke 6 hours later, toilet!, then back to sleep until 8!

9 hours sleep! Uninterrupted, Wow... That is a first for many years..

My wife was amazed, i did not snore at all. (and thats a first, ever!), i did 'not' toss and turn all night.

I feel .. ummm... Awake today! im at work and not falling asleep, i actually feel quite good!
I think being able to get the 3 types of mask was a huge advantage,
Sorry to rant, but im really happy! its been so long to get some real sleep. Its a life changer.
A BIG thank you.

Testimonial By: Quinton E.

Friday 11 May, 2018

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