Energy Rebate (NSW)


Life Support - Energy Rebate (NSW)

If you have an electricity account in your name and you or someone else in your household requires medical equipment (Eg. CPAP machine) to sustain that person's life, you may be entitled to a Rebate on your electricity bill.

The Life Support Rebate Application Form can be obtained from your electricity retailer or downloaded here.

You will need to fill in the form, have it signed by your doctor to confirm that you require the equipment, and send the completed form back to your retailer. The Rebate will be applied to your future bills on approval of your application.

You will need to submit a new, signed application form every two years to your retailer. This is to ensure that the Rebate is only provided to eligible customers.


Life Support Rebate Questions

  • What is the Life Support Rebate?
  • What machines are on the approved life support equipment list?
  • Am I entitled to the Life Support Rebate?
  • How do I apply for the Rebate?
  • How do I download the Life Support Rebate Application Form?
  • Can I receive more than one Rebate if I use more than one type of machine?
  • What if two people in the same household use the same type of machine? Can we get two rebates?
  • What if I use my machine 24 hours?
  • Why do only some machines receive the higher 24 hours Rebate?
  • Will I still receive my Rebate if I change my electricity retailer?
  • Can I receive the Rebate on my account if a dependent family member is required to use a Life Support Machine at my place of residence?

For the answers to all these questions and more, please click here.


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Last updated 20th November 2018