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Health Funds

Healthfund Reminder


Are you an approved CPAP Equipment Supplier?


Approved CPAP Equipment Supplier


We have been accredited by the Sleep Health Foundation since 2014

Certified CPAP Supplier


Can I Claim a Health Fund Rebate ?

For all purchases, we provide a GST Tax Invoice which includes our Australian Business Number (ABN)

Generally speaking, our Tax Invoice (and sometimes a doctor's prescription) is usually all a health fund provider needs to approve an eligible customer’s claim for a CPAP machine rebate (typically between $150 and $1500). However, there are 35 Health Funds and they all have different criteria and policy wording, so our recommendation is if you need clarification, check with your health fund.


Is your company recognised and approved by my Health Fund ?


We have recently been in contact with ALL Health Funds in Australia and have updated our list as shown below;

Health Fund Approved Supplier No. Comments
ACA Health Benefits Fund Yes Not Required See Note B below
ahm Health Insurance Yes Not Required See Note B below
Australian Unity Health Limited Yes Not Required  
Bupa Australia Pty Ltd Yes EP00105 See Note G below
CBHS Health Fund Limited Yes Not Required  
CDH Benefits Fund Yes Not Required  
Central West Health Cover Yes 00006631  
CUA Health Limited Yes Not Required  
Defence Health Limited Yes CPA44093  
Doctors' Health Fund Yes Not Required  
Emergency Services Health TBA Pending  
GMF Health Yes 00006631  
GMHBA Limited Yes 64085CPA  
Grand United Corporate Health Yes Not Required See Note A below
HBF Health Limited Yes B18589 Item No. A879
HCF Yes Not Required See Note A below
Health Care Insurance Limited Yes P901503  
Health Insurance Fund of Australia Limited Yes Not Required See Note A below
Health Partners Yes HP00659  
Health.Com.Au Pending    
Latrobe Health Services Yes 01000051  
Medibank Private Limited Yes 0991101F  
Mildura District Hospital Fund Ltd Pending    
MO Health Pending    
National Health Benefits Australia Pty Ltd (onemedifund) Yes Not Required See Note B below
Navy Health Ltd Yes Not Required See Note A below
NIB Health Funds Ltd. Yes 10121911  
Nurses and Midwives Health Pending    
Peoplecare Health Insurance Yes Not Required See Note B below
Phoenix Health Fund Limited Yes    
Police Health Yes    
Queensland Country Health Fund Ltd Yes Not Required See Note E below
Railway and Transport Health Fund Limited Pending    
Reserve Bank Health Society Ltd Yes Not Required  
St.Lukes Health Yes A4000919 See Note F below
Teachers Health Fund Yes CPAP2765 See Note C below
Transport Health Pty Ltd Pending    
TUH Pending    
Westfund Limited Yes Not Required See Note A below


A: Just require a letter of referral from a Medical Professional to be able to claim for any CPAP machines or accessories supplied by an Australian Registered Business. Check your policy for eligable items that can be claimed for.

B: As long as the provider has an Australian Business Number (ABN) and supplies a tax invoice for the service, the fund generally recognises the service. (Note: CPAP Sales meets this requirement)

C: Quote Supplier number and add street address to invoices. (Note: Please request during checkout if you intend to claim from this health fund)

D: The customer must have trialled the machine for 28 days prior to purchase and complied with using it for at least 4 hours per night over that time.  This information is down loaded from the machine.  The vendor of the machine needs to confirm this compliance. Benefits are only paid for the complete CPAP machine.  No benefits are paid for accessories associated with the device.

E: Check with health fund for details on how to make a successful claim.

F: Please quote provider number on Invoice.

G. BUPA has allocated CPAP Sales with a specific Health Aids and Appliances Provider Number (EP00105) for ONLINE and IN-PERSON supply. This includes CPAP Machines, Blood Pressure Monitors and TENS Machines.

Last updated 13th September 2022