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Philips Product Defect Correction - Australia Update

16th July 2021

Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA): 

If you have not already done so, please register your device at:
This information is needed so the company can plan the repair/replacement program efficiently.

Some consumers have reported that they are not sure if their registration has been received. When you register you will get a registration number. If you don't receive this number, please re-register your device.
To help reduce this confusion, Philips is now sending a confirmation email with each new registration.

Towards the end of this month, Philips will begin contacting everyone who has registered their device. They will confirm your details and outline the type of correction proposed for your device. This may take some time given the large number of affected people. Depending on the device type and its age, Philips will either provide a new base unit device or replace the foam component.

6th July 2021

Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA): 

The TGA has classified this matter as an 'Product Defect Correction
Where possible, Philips will replace the sound abatement foam in affected devices. If this is not possible, a replacement device will be provided.

Information for Consumers:
Do not stop using your device without speaking to your physician or care provider. Stopping treatment suddenly could have an immediate and detrimental effect on your health.

If your device is an affected CPAP, Auto CPAP or bi-Level PAP unit:
Please make an appointment with your physician or care provider before making any changes to your prescribed therapy. Together with your physician, determine if the benefit of continuing therapy with your device outweighs the risks identified and discuss alternative long-term therapy options.
Please ensure you follow the recommended cleaning and replacement guidelines in the operating manual for your CPAP machine and accessories.

Register your device:
You need to register your device on the Philips support website: This will allow Philips to contact you to organise the corrective actions or a replacement device.
If you have any questions or concerns, contact Philips Electronics Australia Ltd on 1800 009 579. Further information is available at

Cease all supply and distribution of impacted devices.
Where possible, Philips will replace the affected foam component in impacted devices.

Latest TGA update on this matter:

Australian Sleep Association (ASA):
The ASA has issued a media release on this matter;

Philips Update:
Philips have advised that patients need to register their devices ASAP so that they can arrange for the devices to be rectified as soon as possible.

Online Device Registration: Click Here.
or Phone to register: 1800 009 579 (9am-6pm AEST Mon-Fri)

We recommend that you follow the TGA/ASA/Philips advice and also register your device ASAP to ensure your product can be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions, we will do our best to assist, or you can call the manufacturer directly on 1800 009 579

As soon as we receive further news, this page will be updated.

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Last Updated: 20th July 2021 12:16am AEST