CPAP Mask Problems

Why does my mask leak?

Mask leaks can occur for many reasons, including;

  • Headgear straps not tight enough
  • Headgear straps are worn out
  • Forehead support needs adjusting
  • Mask too old (silicon ageing)
  • Incorrect size (usually too big)
  • Pillow pushing mask away from the face
  • Facial hair interfering with the seal
  • Mask style not compatible


Why is my CPAP Mask uncomfortable?

Sometimes CPAP mask straps are over tightened to try and fix a mask leak or to compensate for a mask that is worn out, too large or poorly fitting. This can cause red strap marks and may even cause pain to sensitive areas on top or underneath the nose. Regardless of the brand, mask discomfort is the number one reason why patients give up on their CPAP therapy.


What if I cannot resolve my mask discomfort or leak?

Please make an appointment to visit our office for a personal CPAP Mask fitting. Our trained staff have a wide range of demonstration CPAP Mask styles, brands and sizes available to help find the best solution for you.

  • Last updated 27th May 2022