No Interest Loans Scheme


Can I get a machine now and pay it off?

Yes, with a No Interest Loan.

The No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) is offered through local community organisations.

Several of our Customers have been able to obtain a no interest loan to purchase CPAP Machines from us.

Usually, NILS cheques are made out directly to us.

A typical NILS loan is around $800 - $1200, and can be used for medical appliances (such as CPAP/APAP machines) or any other essential household item. As loans are repaid over 12-18 months, the money is 'recycled' and lent out again to other people in the community.


To be eligible for a NILS loan, a potential borrower must generally:

  • hold a current Health Care Card, receive a Centrelink payment or have a low income
  • live within the NILS program delivery area
  • have lived in their residence for approximately 3-6 months
  • show a willingness and capacity to repay
  • request essential goods and services

Exact requirements depend upon each specific NILS program in the community.

If you are not eligle for a NILS loan owing to credit and debt issues, contact the Financial Counselling Hotline on 1800 007 007 for help and assistance. There may be other options available, such as talking to a free and confidential financial counsellor to get your finances sorted out.

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or call NILS direct on 1800 50 99 94


Last updated 23rd February 2015