Airing Micro-CPAP Updates

Here is the latest information we received, dated 7th March 2023...

"Producing a working prototype of the Airing micro-CPAP continues but has proven to be more complex and costly than we anticipated. As simple as it appears from the outside, the Airing micro-CPAP is really the convergence of multiple highly technical inventions, each utterly unique, and each never seen before. We have made tremendous progress on many of these sub-technologies."

The short story is that after almost 8 years, the Airing micro-CPAP has not become a commercial reality. The inventors are now focusing their efforts on developing the Airing SmartMask. 

This latest Airing micro-CPAP hoseless, maskless updates can be found here.

Airing secures US$1.8m crowdsource funding.

Note: As of March 2023, this figure is now US$2,892,592

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Airing: the first hoseless, maskless, micro-CPAP

Airing: the first hoseless, maskless, micro-CPAP

Images courtesy of Airing media-kit.


Airing micro-CPAP

Since the original announcement of the Airing micro-CPAP in 2015, there has been a lot of development work undertaken, but still, the product does not exist. Disappointingly, there have been imitation devices advertised on Facebook that look very similar. From what I have read, they don't work, but please do your own research and form your own opinion.

This official update from Airing back in January 2020 states that "development of the micro-blower has been really difficult and has taken much longer than anticipated. Just getting the proof of concept prototype to blow air and at pressure has been painfully slow, but I’m happy to tell you that we have done that! We have demonstrated that the micro-blowers can blow air (by blowing bubbles) and have measured the pressure at over five centimetres of water.

We are not yet at our designed performance level, but we are seeing progress and making continuous improvements in that direction. Airing’s micro-CPAP device is designed to work with hundreds of individual micro-blowers all working in parallel. Now that they are starting to work, we are in the process of “stacking” them together to confirm their ability to work in combination.

We will keep you posted on our progress and hope to share some more performance data as soon as we can. We are 100% committed to getting the micro-CPAP device to work."

Read more updates on the Airing micro-cpap device here.

** Beware of Airing imitations! ** Watch this short micro-CPAP video

micro cpap as seen on facebook adverts

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Last updated: 7th March 2023