Transcend P8 multi-night Battery Pack

Transcend P8 multi-night Battery Pack
Transcend P8 Battery for multi-night use. The Transcend multi-night P8 Battery recharges in under 8 hours. Operation time: 14~16 hours (Note:...
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Short run-time
Reviewed by Shari Murray from New South Wales, Australia on January 19, 2023
I bought one of these in order to be able to use the Transcend CPAP while camping. It is advertised as multi-night, but I don't get even one full night - I actually get about 4 hours. I returned the first one and according to CPAP Sales it performed to spec on bench-testing. The replacement performed the same for me. It may well go more than a night on testing, and perhaps with low treatment pressure and under ideal circumstances, but it was not a viable solution for me. I use it when there are power outages at home, because even at 4 hours that will usually get me through a blackout, but for camping I have had to go to alternative solutions.
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