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News - July ~ December 2013


15th December 2013

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9th November 2013

CPAP Sales Blog now live

We have launched our new CPAP blog site which includes details on the latest specials, results of our most recent customer survey plus a section where you can ask questions.

Recent Blog Posts include;

Please take a look, and bookmark the site for future reference. You can also share articles on Facebook and Twitter and also follow us there.


31st August 2013

Sleep Disorders Australia - Information Seminar


9th August 2013

Sleep Apnea and Glaucoma

It is critically important for Sleep Apnea patients to be tested for early diagnosis of glaucoma at its most treatable stage.


6th August 2013

Health Fund Approval List Updated

We have recently contacted and updated our list of 35 Health Funds. This list shows all the health funds, our approved supplier numbers (where applicable) and brief comments about their requirements. View the health fund list here.


21st July 2013

Sleepless Nights - Channel 7 Sunday Night

If your child snores, no matter how quietly, you may have a big problem on your hands. What most parents don't know is that while they are sleeping, their snoring children could be suffering long-term damage.

Read the article and watch the Channel 7 video here.


4th  July 2013

Winter Challenges with CPAP therapy

Winter can be a challenging time for CPAP users, especially if this is your first winter using a CPAP machine.

One of the main functions of the nose is to warm and moisten the air you breathe. If the air is cold, the nose creates additional mucus to protect sensitive tissues and adds more moisture to the inhaled air.

If the air is too cold, this may disrupt your sleep. It can be quite common to wake up due to;

  • a cold or runny nose
  • cold air from the mask vent disturbing you or your bed partner
  • water droplets / moisture in the hose or mask due to condensation

Remember, the CPAP machine is drawing in air from your sleeping environment, so the colder the room air is, the colder the air you breathe. If you are using a humidifier, this will warm the air very slightly, but it is likely that the air will still feel relatively cold, as the air flows quickly through your CPAP machine.

When you breathe out, the warm air from your body will meet the cold air coming in from the room. This may cause condensation to form and may accumulate inside the mask and in the hose. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as ‘rainout’. If you are using a humidifier, this adds moisture to the air you breathe and can contribute to rainout effect in the colder months.

Here are some suggestions to help you get used to your winter CPAP therapy, try;

  • closing the windows at night
  • warming the room, especially near where the CPAP machine is drawing in the air
  • placing the CPAP hose under the bedclothes ( body heat and blanket insulation warm the air flowing through it)
  • always have the CPAP machine/humidifier lower than the bed
  • changing the position of the hose so that any moisture can drain down and back into the humidifier
  • reducing the humidifier setting in winter (adjust as described in your CPAP machine user manual)
  • purchase a hose cover ($30 from us) which will help reduce the rainout

Another option is a heated hose which is designed to eliminate any moisture build up in the hose.

It may also help take the chill from the cold winter air but please remember it is not an air warmer.


2nd July 2013

FREE BMC i-code Apps for Smartphones

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